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Our most frequently asked (and answered!) questions

Are my pet's check-ups after an operation included in the price?

We would usually include up to two post-op checks in the price

Do you do a monthly pay budget scheme?

Yes we do! See under 'Monthly Budget Plans' on the homepage of this website for further information.

Do you do routine procedures like neutering at the weekend? 

We do vaccinations, clip claws, etc. but not routine operations. These are booked in Monday to Friday.

Do you do a 'bundle' price for my new puppy or kitten?

Yes we do. Visit our offers page for further information.

Will I be reminded that my pet needs a booster (top-up) vaccination after a year?

Yes you will. We will send a text message to your mobile phone to remind you and to give you time to book an appointment. If we don't have a mobile phone number registered we will send you an email. If neither of these options is available to us, we will post a card to your home address.

How long will it take for my repeat prescription to be ready after I call to request it?

Usually 4-5 days. This can vary depending on our delivery days and if there is a bank holiday. Please order your repeat prescriptions as early as you can!

Is there an administration fee to complete my insurance claim form and send it off?

Yes, we charge a flat fee of £35.50

Are your consultations appointment only?

Yes, except of course for emergencies. You can book an appointment online via this website, or call the practice on 0117 977 3230 where you can book an appointment at either surgery.

How long after the second vaccination will it be before my puppy can go out for a walk?

We recommend a full week after the second vaccination. We also recommend that you bring your puppy in again at age 16 weeks for a top-up vaccination to protect them against Parvovirus, as we have seen many cases of this in Bristol. This is just £31.00

What Does RCVS Accredited Mean?

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) regulates the veterinary profession. Practices can become accredited under the RCVS practice standards scheme where they must pass a rigorous inspection. Areas include hygiene, health and safety, equipment and delivery of high standards of professional veterinary care.

What does this mean to you as a client?

  • Peace of mind for you
  • Quality of care for your animals
  • Regular inspections of the practice to ensure standards are maintained

The Practice Standards Scheme is a voluntary initiative – not all practices are part of it yet. As a client of an RCVS accredited practice you can be rest assured of a high quality of care throughout the practice.

This practice is proud to be an RCVS Accredited General Practice. It has been inspected to include the following:

  • Meeting the core standards including a range of legal and health & safety requirements
  • Having in place arrangements for 24 hour emergency cover for patients
  • Having a policy to make clients aware of arrangements for checking and monitoring patients if kept in overnight
  • Having a system for monitoring the outcome of treatments
  • Showing an ongoing commitment to education and staff training
  • Keeping premises clean and well maintained
  • Having appropriately trained staff for work undertaken
  • Having a policy for communicating with clients and looking at feedback
  • Meeting standards of care for companion animals