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Cat Friendly Clinic

Offering your cat a stress free visit

Avon Lodge has now been awarded Cat Friendly clinic certification! We have been awarded GOLD STANDARD at our Wells Road surgery, and bronze standard at our Church Road surgery. Over the past year changes have been made at both branches to improve the care we provide for your cat. This has been achieved via physical modifications to the practice as well as staff training to provide the best care for your cat. The needs of your cat are assessed closely by staff and personalised care provided alongside working to the highest level of clinical care. Some of the ways this has been achieved is:

Specific Cat Advocates - Three members of staff work as cat advocates. Lucy Warren MRCVS and Sophie Bartlett RVN are happy to answer any feline specific questions you have. These three members of staff have a keen interest in our feline friends and are keen to promote and lead the cat friendly way at Avon Lodge.

Marissa has been working as a Vet at Avon Lodge since 2008 and enjoys all areas of Veterinary medicine and surgery, however has a special interest in ultrasonography and feline medicine and surgery. Marissa is passionate about inpatient care in particular and recently visited the facilites at Bristol Vet School to help with the modifications of the practice to achieve cat friendly status. In 2014 Marissa embarked on a study and now holds a Certificate in Feline Practice with Improve International.

Nic is our deputy head nurse and has worked at the practice since 1998. Nic really enjoys anaesthesia and management of surgical cases. Her other interests involve communication with clients during nurse clinics, and education of the public. Nic has been crucial in the organisation of visits to local schools and nurseries to help educate children about animal care and the work of the practice.

Modifications to the Practice

The facilities at our Wells Road branch were modernised in 2011 which has led to many improvements for all our patients. As regards our feline patients we have a dedicated cat ward which provides a warm, calm environment for our cats. Each day one member of staff is dedicated to care for all our hospitalised animals. Hospitalised cats are given soft bedding, places to hide if they are a little nervous, and feline pheromones to help create a sense of calm. Alongside Veterinary and nursing care we strive to go beyond this by spending time with our feline friends grooming and stroking them or giving them the opportunity to hide away if they prefer this. Each individual's need is assessed and the care tailor-made to suit them.

The waiting room at Wells Road is large and we do our best to encourage cats and dogs to be separate from each other. There is a shelving division to provide a physical barrier between dogs and cats and serve as a way to keep your cat basket off the ground and away from dog smells! We would encourge you to bring your cat in a secure carrier with a blanket over the top to reduce stress during the journey and in the waiting room. We are happy to provide a small blanket or towel if you need one while you are with us; just ask one of the nurses or receptionists. There is a similar physical barrier to define separate dog and cat waiting areas at our Bishopsworth surgery. 

Staff Training

All members of staff have been trained in how to provide the best cat care through understanding a cat's body language and providing a calm handling environment for our feline patients

We are happy to give you more information on our cat care - just phone or pop in to either surgery. You can also look at the organisation that has awarded us the fantastic accreditation.